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Ria Persad - Founder/CEO/Inventor

Ria Persad studied mathematics and physics at Harvard, Princeton, and Cambridge Universities with doctoral study at Rice University. Her experience in climate modeling began at Lawrence Livermore Lab's Supercomputer Center in 1991. Persad performed earth and solar system modeling at NASA and went on to model geophysical systems at Bell Geospace. She worked on the trading floors of Lehman Brothers and was a consultant to Goldman Sachs. As a climatologist at Enron and Duke Energy, she was alerted to the needs of the energy trading sector and weather risk management. She later went on to develop state-of-the-art long-range weather prediction systems which were peer-reviewed among academia and U.S. Department of Defense scientists and rigorously tested for the top meteorological broadcasting station in the Midwest. She models complex systems for the U.S. Space Program and is an innovative Subject Matter Expert. Persad has been collaborating with NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information and their academic research partner, CICS-NC on numerous climate and energy engagement activities to advance environmental intelligence. Persad received the Highest Honor from the Society of Women Engineers and Citations from the U.S. Secretary of Energy and the U.S. Senate on Scientific Achievement on her original contributions to computational and applied mathematics. Persad has been recently recognized by Platts Global Energy Awards as one of the top 7 global leaders for Lifetime Achievement and as the International Power-Gen and Renewable Energy Woman of the Year.

Mark Carlo - Founder and CIO

Mark Carlo graduated from the University of South Florida in Chemical Engineering, has served as the President of the Florida Engineering Society, and has performed cutting-edge research on alternative and renewable energy. He has worked as a Chemical and Process Engineer and Project Manager. Carlo served as partner and Chief Information Officer of a financial services company, managing teams of financial, sales, and technical personnel. He developed innovative software products for scientific, engineering, and business applications and has designed and coded extensive financial systems, web-based database applications, and weather tracking and climate modeling systems. With a specialty in financial infrastructure and extensive leadership experience, Mark Carlo provides the technical and business oversight of the StatWeather organization including the Operations and Software Development Teams.

Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt - Scientific Advisor

Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt is a world-renown mathematician, recipient of the Lagrange Medal, the Timoshenko Medal, the G.I. Taylor Medal, the J.C. Maxwell Medal and Prize, and several dozen other recognitions throughout his mathematical career which began in 1953 under the mentorship of the legendary mathematician A.N. Kolmogorov at Moscow State University. He is Professor at U.C. Berkeley and mathematician at Lawrence Berkeley Labs and has been Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cambridge University. He has published over 250 papers and books on topics including petroleum science and geophysical applications, boundary value problems, fluid mechanics and gas flows in porous media, fracture mechanics, turbulence, non-linear waves, self-similarity, intermediate asymptotics, modeling of complex ecological systems, and a host of oceanographic applications. He is a Foreign Member of the Royal Society of London and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, with a multitude of other international honors.


Fawn Boyd Vigil - Senior Meteorologist

Fawn Boyd Vigil has 15 years' experience as Weather Producer, Weather Anchor, and Lead Forecaster for Weather Services Corporation (WSI), CNN, Bloomberg, NBC, and FOX News among numerous other world-class media outlets such as USA TODAY, AOL, and Intellicast. At WeatherPlus, she managed the research department of 10 people for international expansion plans into 5 new markets. Boyd Vigil graduated on the Dean's List from Cornell University as the President of the Cornell American Meteorological Society and received her M.S. in Atmospheric Chemistry under a President's Scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She conducted research in paleoclimatology, studying trends and possible causes of climate change. She has appeared on #1 primetime newscasts internationally, has conducted expert briefings on El Nino, climate change, breaking weather (hurricane tracking, severe weather, floods), and weather models. Boyd Vigil is LEED AP Certified and is a climate and sustainability expert.

Irene Sans - International Meteorologist

Irene Sans, as Chief Meteorologist for Telemundo, has been nominated for an Emmy Award for the Hurricane Special, "Huracan 2012", and with ClimaData, covers on air for top newscasts such as 'Noticias SIN' (Dominican Republic), Radio Caracol (Miami), and ZBVI Radio (British Virgin Islands). Sans has produced, forecasted, and presented bilingual weather segments for WSI which have stood out in New York 1 Noticias, Your News Now Austin, BayNews 9, Central Florida News, Washington DC Verizon Fios & MetroWeather Kansas City in addition to stations in Europe and the Middle East such as Ireland's TV3 and Al-Jazeera. Her appearances have also included the internationally televised "Un Nuevo Dia", and she has served as Meteorologist for Univision's newscast in Miami. Sans was the first bilingual deputy State Meteorologist at the Division of Florida Emergency Management, covering extreme weather events such as the 2008 wildfires. Sans holds a BS in Meteorology, Minor in Mathematics, and Concentration in Hispanic Marketing Communications from Florida State University.


Shelly Starks - Business Development Manager

Shelly Starks has helped Technology Companies deliver customer success by maximizing their sales potential and building process driven programs that deliver revenue and increase pipeline. She has served as Business Development Manager at Annuity Systems, East Coast Territory Sales Manager at Acronis Software, Program Project Manager at Tech Data, Inc., and in key mentoring and directorship roles for the Financial and Retail sectors. Shelly has led marketing initiatives for some of the nation's top Technology Firms and has trained, mentored, and managed teams of over 250 sales professionals. Shelly has been recognized for her strong leadership, driving of business growth, and superior client support.
Office: (941) 799-7911 x15
Email: shelly.starks@statweather.com

Claudia Kelly - Business Development Manager

Claudia Kelly's experience includes serving as office manager and executive assistant. Her responsibilities have included customer service and account management, scheduling, IT and event planning, training of employees, and creating efficient systems. Kelly has been serving at The Houston Club, working with business executives and guests, event coordination, and systems organization. She has travelled to nearly 2 dozen countries, from navigating through the Arctic to doing community agricultural service in Nicaragua and has engaged in leadership training programs in use by the United States Military and NASA for team building, conflict resolution, and environmental ethics.
Email: claudia.kelly@statweather.com