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December 2016/January 2017

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Posted 1/23/2017 (A)
The StatWeather probabalistic long range model excels in indicating warming and cooling patterns up to 90 days in advance! (B) These patterns manifest as either significant departures from climate normal, or as drastic changes in temperature over a few days' period. (C)

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(A) We update this page regularly. Check back for updates, or Contact Us for more info.
(B) These daily resolution forecasts were created on 11/14/2016. They range from 16 days in advance through 90 days in advance.
(C) How we identify warming and cooling patterns:
  1. = a 'hit' - the StatWeather forecast (green line) indicated a warming or cooling pattern, and the pattern was observed to within 5 days.
  2. = a 'miss' - (1) the StatWeather forecast indicated a warming or cooling pattern, but the pattern did not manifest to within 5 days, or (2) the StatWeather forecast did not identify any observed pattern.