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Precipitation, Drought, Hydrological Products

Short Range Precip
1-15 Day
Precipitation Maps

Precipitation Forecast, 1-15 Day

  • StatWeather's 1-15 day forecast which is computed by analyzing systematic biases and errors of a number of weather models and forecasts, correcting them, and optimally combining them.
  • Dynamically optimized daily. Accuracy can be seen in the Forecast Skill product (must have subscription for this product).
  • Superior accuracy over going with a single vendor forecast or model.
Sample Screenshots:

Precipitation Forecast Maps

  • Monthly and Seasonal forecast anomaly maps and data values 6 months in advance.
  • Bayesian probabilities by region based upon decision tree of most likely path for weather pattern based upon prior history.
  • Most accurate method of seasonal forecasting according to scientific research and skill audits.
Sample Screenshots: