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Who is StatWeather?

StatWeather provides state-of-the-art weather prediction systems for the risk management industry. This award-winning, proprietary model suite provides ground-breaking accuracy in the 1-90 day ahead range, targeting the precise timing, duration, and intensity of extreme weather events long before government models. Offerings also include forecast accuracy auditing tools, year-ahead climate outlooks, and consensus analytics to provide every energy trader, asset and risk manager a complete set of weather decision support tools.

The StatWeather Difference

Up to year-ahead forecasts using statistical pattern recognition and Bayesian networks Up to 14-day ahead forecasts using government model output only
Transparent accuracy tracking and reporting No accuracy tracking and reporting
Prediction of extreme events up to 90 days ahead No long-range prediction of extreme events
Risk probabilities coupled with forecast No probabilities associated with forecast
Published 10-year accuracy track record No public disclosure of accuracy record
120 years of historical data used in analysis 20-60 years of historical data, if any is used at all
Week-to-week forecast stability Frequent flip-flopping of forecast
Objective, mathematically-generated forecast Subjective, opinion-driven forecast
Adaptable weather products to suit customer Fixed, rigid line of weather products
World-renown scientists on staff to help Salespersons, not scientists, helping customers
Cutting-edge methods that work Old methods that have outdated skill
Reputation as #1 in national forecaster accuracy Mediocre forecast accuracy